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The study of the Word of God with a faculty who are both academicians and pastors and who are available to you both in and out of the classroom is an important aspect of your preparation as well. It is also important that your formation takes place in an environment of community and with mentors and with others who too are also pursing personal Godliness and pastoral skills.

We hope that may the Lord greatly bless you as you work to discern His call for ministry and the place He would have you prepare for a mind for truth, a heart for God and a lifetime of ministry. 

Institutional Chief Officers


Dr. Peter Yeonsoon Kim

President and Chief Academic Officer


Rev. William Wook Choi

Chief Operations Officer

Assistant Board Secretary for the Chancellor


Dr. Samuel Ohdal Kwon

Chairman of the board of directors

Presidents/Executive Directors


Dr. Jong-Wook Kim

Executive Director, D. Min. Program

Rev. Dongguk Park

Executive Director, Russia Campus

Dr.  Chang K. Lee

Executive Director, N/W America

Dr. Hojang Ki

Executive Director, Ocenia Campus

Dr. Chan Young Choi

Executive Director, Europe Campus 

Institutional Directors


Vice President of Development



Director of Enrollment Management

Director of DMin Program

Director of Diploma and Bachelor Program

Director of Finance

Academic Deans


Academic Dean, Theology (New Testament)

Academic Dean, Biblical Studies (Old Testament)

Academic Dean, Missiology

Academic Dean, Pastoral Theology

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