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Degree Program

The Scriptures are the heart and foundation of every degree at Reformed Biblical Seminary. Our school offers the Diploma of Evangelist, which focuses to keep the commandment of Jesus Christ in order to fulfill our calling to make disciples of all nations without a degree and also, the Bachelor of Theology, which emphasis on theology is designed to prepare students for Christian ministries and the Master of Divinity, which focuses on pastoral preparation.

Family, the Doctor programs are designed to increase the effectiveness of the ministering of local churches or bible school (D.Min.),   and to equip students to enhance people and partnerships with church history, theology, and missions strategies (D.Miss.).​​

D.L.S. Courses


​The Distance Learning Program is the education of students who may not always be physically present at a school. Traditionally, this usually involved correspondence courses wherein the student corresponded with the school via post. Today it involves online education. Courses that are conducted  percent or 100% whole instruction. A number of other terms (distributed learning, e-learning, etc.) are used roughly synonymously with distance education.


This Degree has developed the concept of extended education, whereby the research seminary had satellite colleges of education in the wider community. The growth was due to sending out complete textbooks instead of single lessons: The regular technical school or college aims to educate a man broadly; our aim, on the contrary, is to educate him only along some particular line. The college demands that a student shall have certain educational qualifications to enter it, and that all students study for approximately the same length of time, and when they have finished their courses they are supposed to be qualified to enter any one of a number of branches in some particular profession. 

The goal was to provide individualized education for students, at low cost, by using a pedagogy of testing, recording, classification, and differentiation. The distance education technologies use as delivery methods, though some require attendance at local study centers or at regional "intensive schools" per semester. 



The faculty and staff of Reformed Bible College & Seminary are integral to the quality and success of the educational experience and programs we offer. We are indeed blessed by God to have such a diverse and devoted team dedicated to providing students with the best.


As you consider your call to seminary and the preparation you will need for a lifetime of ministry, remember this: Tomorrow's pastors need to know more not less. The challenges in the days ahead for the Gospel ministry will require pastors who have greater Biblical, theological and spiritual preparation than ever before.

The study of the Word of God with a faculty who are both academicians and pastors and who are available to you both in and out of the classroom is an important aspect of your preparation as well. It is also important that your formation takes place in an environment of community and with mentors and with others who too are also pursing personal Godliness and pastoral skills.

We hope that may the Lord greatly bless you as you work to discern His call for ministry and the place He would have you prepare for a mind for truth, a heart for God and a lifetime of ministry. 

R.B.C.S. Alumni


Get the information you need, find your classmates, read a blog, or find a job. We are interested in learning more about your ministry. Please let us know where you are serving. And, keep your address updated so we can continue to communicate with you to let you know about news, upcoming events, opportunities and more.

Academic Program

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